Let me list the benefits as well as give you a few facts about switching to the NeuYoni Menstrual Cup…


The Benefits of Using a NeuYoni Menstrual Cup

Come in Large and Small
Secure Fit
No Odor
DOES NOT leave debris behind
Shorten Your Cycle
Cost Effective
Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone
Easy to Sterilize

Imagine being able to shorten your cycle up to 3 days… (Crickets…) I KNOW it is hard for you to even fathom, but it is true and possible. Using a cup allows for your menses to complete without having to be slowly absorbed by a tampon or pad. The cup sits up high allowing for speedy collection. In addition you will find out that all of that blood collected in your tampons really is less than 30 ml for most women in 12 hours. For a great deal of women it is much less than that, however, you will finally be able to see the accurate amount of blood flow for your menses. On average there is a decreased duration in menses days within the first 3 cycles of using the NeuYoni Menstrual Cup.


Imagine laying in your bed during your heaviest flow naked… just you and your cup…

Well I it is possible and I have done it on numerous occasions. Because I know that my cup is fits securely, I won’t have any leaks, and I am confident in my menses collection method. And we are talking about my favorite Egyptian Cotton 600 count sheets… without fear. Now everyone does not have to be as brave as me, but my bed means a great deal to me.


Imagine something that is so lightweight and flexible that you barely know you have it in…

I mean at this point I have tell when it needs to be emptied like a saturated sanitary napkin or a saturated tampon, but without the wet string or the feeling like I have on a diaper… BLISS


Imagine only paying $25 and not having to wear anything but a liner during heavy menses flow. The NeuYoni Menstrual Cup only requires being sanitized. I recommend replacing every six months and if you are very liberal every year. But I have multiple cups and I alternate. So even if you can only afford one cup it will greatly reduce that monthly cost.


Along with all of these things there is the extensive list of benefits above….

You Are A GODDESS. “Create Your Beauty From WIthin”

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