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Prosperity Heka Dolls

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Prosperity Heka Doll is a combination of Chinese Jade, Pyrite, Serpentine and Green Aventurine. With the powerful three stone Combination allow you to build your own way to wealth. Jade is considered to bring compassion, courage and wisdom. Jade is symbolic of purity and serenity and brings luck, prosperity and abundance to those who possess it. Pyrite is a fire energy and allow you to tap into your knowledge stimulating untapped ideas and clearing
blockages spiritually emotionally to the wealth you deserve. Pyrite aides in confidence and the will needed to succeed. oosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Green Aventurine is used to cultivate the flow of intelligence and creativity. Green Aventurine lifts mental fog and deepens perception. The Prosperity Heka Doll clears and allows for all abundant energies to flow in. ​ Please use a barrier when submerging in water.