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Isis Heka Dolls

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Isis Heka Doll is a combination of Selenite and Carnelian gemstones. Isis is the Goddess of many things including magic and healing. Selenite is affectionately termed the “Spirit of Isis” while Carnelian is known as the “Blood of Isis”. Selenite increases your positive energy while gently opening all of the chakras to clear blockages. Selenite clears both the personal and environmental aura of negative energy. Carnelian brings creativity, vitality, and increases energy of self worth assisting with the transition to healing in spiritual, emotional, and physical trauma. Carnelian assist in overcoming. The Isis Heka Doll uses the propertiesof the Spirit and Blood of Isis to evoke the magic and healing of the Goddess Isis as she is the source of nurturing and the Divination of Motherhood.