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Detox Pearls

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NeuYoni Detox Pearls will detox your womb expelling debris, congestion, dead cells, stagnant menstrual blood, cysts, fibroids, endometrial polyps, treat infertility, yeast, staphylococcus,  streptococcus, herpes simplex virus, fungus and bad bacteria. Detoxing will regulate your menstruation, decrease menstrual flow, decrease menstrual pain, bring on absent menstruation as well as tighten, tone, and firm your Yoni for greater feminine health.

Ingredients: Cnidium fruit,  Sophora flavescens, Cork Tree, Safflower,  Saffron, Alum, Frankincense,  Myrrh, Peach Seed, Chrysanthemum,  Ginseng,  Stemonae,  Saraparilla Root, Bombyx Batryticatus, resina draconis, catharanthus roseus,  Angelica sinesis, and Sichuan.