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Fortress Heka Doll

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The Fortress Heka DollTiger Eye and Serpentine. The Fortress Heka Doll builds a strong foundation by unlocking your life essence, spiritual energy and access to ancient wisdom to increase the depth of your meditative state bringing forth and abundance of inner strength and will power. The Fortress builds your inner emotional and spiritual army. Please use a barrier when submerging in water.

This Fortress Heka Doll- Serpentine and Jade. Serpentine facilitates ancestral communication, access to past life recall, protection and awakening of life force (Kundalini). Jade is symbolic of purity and serenity and brings luck, prosperity and
abundance to those who possess it. combination Serpentine and Jade. The combination of Serpentine & Jade awakens the life force, protects and increases luck and abundance.

 Selenite can be used to Amplify.