Sacred Goddess SelfCare Experience


Sacred Goddess SelfCare Experience – This 6 Week Home Selfcare Day Spa Experience that allows you to reconnect with yourself. It is time to harness the power of selfcare to transform into the Goddess you truly are by connecting to the Divine Feminine Energy. Using the selfcare tools, guided meditation and journaling provided in this experience you will be renewed and reconnected to the Goddess within. It is time to remember all of your priceless majesty and bask in it once again.

Limited Special Offer Includes…

  • Six (6) Yoni Steams
  • *NEW* Yoni Steam Basin
  • Six (6) Sacred Goddess Facials
  • Sacred Goddess Facial Serum
  • Sacred Goddess Mixing Bowl & Brush
  • 8 Sacred Goddess Feminine Energy Baths
  • Sacred Goddess Intention Candle
  • Sacred Goddess Yoni Wata
  • Sacred Goddess Sage
  • Sacred Goddess Palo Santo
  • Sacred Goddess Rose Quartz
  • Sacred Goddess Selenite
  • Sacred Goddess PDF Download Guide Journal and Guided Feminine Energy Meditation.

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Sacred Goddess SelfCare Experience

Sacred Goddess SelfCare Experience Limited Edition Guide and Journal – This is the ultimate guidebook and journal that gives you all the room to plan and write for your transformational selfcare journey. It is time to do the work. Using this guide you will be able to plan out your selfcare days, get all of your instructions for each selfcare activity, receive guided meditations and affirmations for your selfcare days and journal/reflect. It is time to transform into the Goddess you truly are by tapping into the Divine Feminine Energy. 62 pages

Sacred Goddess Steam Kit – This decadent 6 steam starter kit will allow you to steam for each of your meditation guided selfcare days. The organic herb formulation for the Sacred Goddess Steam is handcrafted to enhance your feminine energy. Yoni steam kits may come with a Sitz Bath in varying color depending on supply chain availability.

Sacred Goddess Mask – Made with organic Feminine Energy herbs to increase the glow of your skin and increase your connection with the Divine Feminine. Along with the mask you will receive a glass bowl and a face mask application brush. Face mask application brush may vary based on supply chain availability.

Sacred Goddess Facial Serum – Made with an Organic Cold Pressed Moringa Oil base, lavender and rose essential oils. It is gentle and nourishing giving the skin a beautiful and healthy glow.

Sacred Goddess Intimate Refresh Spray – Is a light refreshing spray that can be used any time of day to enhance your intimate confidence. Made with organic Lavender hydrosol and premium food grade rose water, just use it to wipe down for immediate freshness.

Sacred Goddess Yummi Yoni Oil – Is a light Sweet Smelling Coconut oil based lubricant that can be used immediately after bathing to make you taste amazing or as a lubricant. This light weight oil can also be used to refresh your intimate parts any time throughout the day. Use it to smell and taste amazing.

Sacred Goddess Soak – A Feminine Energy charged organic soak made with a coarse pink himalayan salt base and organic herbs. This soak is handcrafted to bring out your inner Goddess.

Sacred Goddess Intention Candle – Light this candle and state the intention. This candle allows you to light the way for your inner Goddess to burn bright by removing all of the blockages to your Feminine Energy and for you to connect to the Divine Feminine.

Smudging Tools – Sage and Palo Santo have been used for thousands of years to clear the negative energy and allow for healing. Instructions on how to use these tools will be included in the guidebook.

Gemstones – Rose Quartz and Selenite will be included in your Sacred Goddess SelfCare Experience because these are integral parts of healing and clearing negative energy. Their meaning and how to use them will be explained in the guidebook.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in

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