How to Steam at Home


How to Steam at Home


This is a FREE Yoni Steaming at Home Course. In this brief course you will learn the basics of how to Yoni Steam at home and the benefits of Yoni Steaming. No Credit Care is Needed, but you must go through purchasing steps to be sent the course link.

Included In FREE 4-Part Series Video Course

  • Benefits of Streaming
  • Starter Kit Setup Tutorial
  • Yoni Steaming Safety
  • Choosing The Right Time To Steam


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Yoni Steaming is the use of herbs infused steam for therapeutic purposes of healing and maintaining the female reproductive system as well as the surrounding peritoneal structures. Yoni Steam is a practice that is as common as using oral herbal supplements for their therapeutic purposes in most parts of the world. Yoni Steaming is commonly practiced in South America, Central America, South Africa, Middle East, The Philippines and Korea. Yoni Steaming has been practiced in the Mayan Region for over 5000 years and in the Middle Eastern Cultures for roughly 2500 years Yoni Steaming is commonly used to treat fertility challenges, painful periods, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalance and abnormal growths in the female reproductive system. Yoni Steaming works by using the natural plants as therapeutic treatment for different Feminine Health issues.


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