Chakra Clearing Heka Doll

Chakra Clearing Heka Doll


Chakra Gemstone Heka Doll uses the combination of gemstones properties and color to clear blockages in the chakras. This combination of Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian,Yellow Agate, Green Jade, Blue Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst to align and clear blocked chakras. The Chakra Gemstone Heka Doll brings deepened healing, balance and vitality to your emotional, physical and spiritual beings. The properties of the gemstones are amplified by the use of a Selenite clearing negativity from the personal and environmental aura as well as amplifying the gemstones aligned with each chakra.​ Please use a barrier when submerging in water.

Amethyst – The Crown Chakra​ is that of Universal connection to your spiritual self. Allows you to shed your ego and access to knowledge aligning you with peace, happiness and Joy.

Lapis Lazuli -​ ​3rd Eye Chakra ​allows for greater intuition, lucidity, seeing beyond the superficial, deeper meditation and opens ability to trust.

Blue Howlite – The Throat Chakra ​empowers your voice. Allows for clear speaking, inspiration, communication and creativity.

Green Jade -​ ​The Heart Chakra ​allows for unconditional love with deeper compassion, acceptance and serenity.

Yellow Agate – The Solar Plexus Chakra​ is the source of inner strength, willpower, determination and the Chakra of the Personality

Peach Aventurine – The Sacral Chakra​ is the seat of sensuality and sexuality, social demeanor and pleasure.

Orange Carnelian – The Root Chakra​ is the source of stability, safety, comfort and chakra in which energy flows from.

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Iridescent Large, Iridescent Extra Large, White Beda Body, Selenite Body


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