Return and Other Policies


All payment information is secure.

Individual credit card or other payment information is never received by this establishment during payment.

We reserve the right to cancel transactions for any reason. Cancellations requests from buyers will not be processed and all purchases are final. Please make sure your order and ordering information is correct prior to completing your order.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns, exchanges, or cancellations are not accepted due to the nature of the products sold.

Returns and Exchange Details

Please check all order information and cart contents before confirming the purchase because all sales are final. Please feel free to contact us concerning any and all product or purchasing questions you may have prior to ordering. If there are any problems concerning the products purchased please contact us to rectify the problem as we want to provide you with the best experience possible when using our products.

Shipping Policies

All Store Stocked items ordered are shipped using USPS with options for First Class or Priority. All purchases are shipped out within 72 hours after purchasing the item. Tracking can take up to two days to update. Please allow 72 hours after you receive a shipping notification to request tracking if the tracking information has not updated on your purchase package. Please always double check your shipping address to make sure it is correct prior to confirming purchase.

All Non-Store Stocked items are stored offsite so please allow 4 weeks for purchase to arrive to include processing and shipment time. 

According to USPS there are several steps to take if you are notified that your purchase

has been delivered and it has not been received.

  1. Check with all family members to make sure the package was not left in an unfamiliar place.
  2. Check around the exterior of the home as some packages are left in uncommon places  to avoid theft, like between the screen door and the front door, on the side of the house, near the garage door or at the back door.
  3. If possible ask the postal worker where the package was left. Quite often the same workers run the same postal routes.
  4. If you live at a condo or in an establishment that has a security desk, doorman, front office or managers office ask if a package was dropped off to them.
  5. Check with your immediate neighbors as packages can sometimes be left by accident at the wrong residence.
  6. Lastly the tracking number number can be taken to your local post office to track the package to the exact location the package was delivered to.

It is important to remember that all items not received by an individual can be stolen or lost after they have been delivered. As all items are shipped using tracking we are not responsible for any items that are lost of stolen once they are marked delivered. After following all trouble shooting step we may be contacted in order to let us know that your purchase was not received, however it is the responsibility of the purchasing party to troubleshoot and contact the local post office. Any additional fees, tariffs, duties or taxes that may be charge for delivery or import are the responsibility of the purchasing party. All additional information should be obtained by contacting your local customs agency or local postal service.