How We Started


In the fall of 2014, I had the pleasure of having my first Yoni Steam. And...when I tell you the relaxation and release was SPIRITUAL.  I felt like a new woman, LITERALLY. Shortly after the initial experience I found out there were some additional delightfully surprising perks for my partner as well that lay in the aftermath of this new luxury. But during the experience it felt like my vagina was receiving a gentle exfoliation treatment and when it was all over my Yoni felt like she had received a deep tissue massage. My Yoni was calm and relaxed in a way I had never felt before.  When I tell you my life was forever changed, it was. My first Yoni Steam turned my whole world upside down and it lead me to believe that basic vaginal care is more than feminine body wash, waxing, pads, tampons, and my uncomfortable cycle. I realized that my vagina is a spiritual/ physical Yoni. I have the choice spiritual awaken and connect when I consciously care for my Yoni. 

Upon further research and many steaming experiences later I just kept thinking, how was it possible that this luxurious, decadent, intimate, life changing experience evaded me until my mid 30’s. Why aren’t women doing this...like regularly doing this. Why isn’t this a thing… Soon I found out that it is a thing, but not as big a thing as it should be in the United States. At this point I wanted to shout from the rooftops...Every Woman Should Be Steaming Their Yoni!!!

Soooo...let’s put aside the looooooong list of benefits Yoni Steaming has been known for over millennia like easing menstrual pains/cramps, treating cyts & fibroid, resolving infertility, and the promotion of healing after childbirth. At this time we are going to just talk about the fact that it feels AMAZING. It is at the top of the list with a fresh wax or an awesome orgasmic experience. Just like getting a fresh wax makes all things right with the world, leaving you feeling fresh and breezy... down there. Well, I feel like if you could have a menage a trois of that fresh wax breeziness,  the euphoria of post orgasmic pelvic relaxation and a squeaky clean vagina the children would Literally be Yoni Steams.

With new found excitement and a passion to learn everything that I can concerning my new found Yoni maintenance have formulated handcrafted Yoni Steams using organic herbal powdered mixes for a more concentrated steam formulation. In addition, I have formulated herb infused bath salts and body oils to detox as well as moisturize your skin for a healthy glow. It is my mission to help women "Create Beauty from Within." It is my vision that women will be informed to make independent and Holistic decisions concerning how they care for their bodies.


About Me-

I have been in the nursing field since I was a teenager starting as a nursing assistant and a nurse all of my adult life. I have a total of over 20 years as a licensed nurse with 13 as a Registered Nurse. I have always been an advocate for the use of alternative (non-Western) medical treatments. Because I find that alternative treatments have less side effects and with a more Holistic approach to the body. Alternative treatment tends to treat you as a Whole Person; treating your Mind/Body/Spirit. 

I have made it my mission to learn all that I can to teach you my knowledge about how to care for your body in a natural way. I believe that Mother Earth has provided everything that we need to heal and it is up to us to maintain and worship these temples God has given with the gifts of Mother Nature. As women let's start this journey. "Creating Your Beauty From Within"

I am seeking to take the mystery out of this new “Ancient” thing. Yoni steaming is ancient, international and multicultural. Now tell me how “they” kept this a secret. Educated Lotus is my gift of  opportunity to not only have Luxury Yoni Experience, but to create them in your own home. I am going to arm you with the knowledge to understand and make choices with your Yoni in mind. I am going to give you options for Holistic Yoni Care to Build a Vaginal Arsenal and to know that when you care for your Yoni it heals your Mind/Body/Spirit. I want for you a new found understanding, appreciation and reverence for your Yoni that I found for mine. Welcome to my store.