Medical Disclaimer

Always Consult A Licensed Medical Professional

Educated Lotus believes in the healing of your body naturally with Mother Nature’s Medicine. Natural treatments have proven to be more effective with less side effects; that is why we provide them lovingly. You are a Goddess and deserve the best we have to offer so you can “Create Your Beauty From Within”. We want you to know that Herbal Supplements are not FDA approved. All of our products are considered over the counter self treatment therapies. The use of our products is an agreement that you have read the instructions and will use the products as directed. Please keep in mind that all products affect each individual differently. Always check for allergy to all ingredients before use. Always do a small test spot to ensure there is not unknown allergies to our ingredients. If you feel any discomfort, skin irritation or develop a rash while using our products please discontinue use and consult a Medical Provider. Always consult your Medical Provider prior to starting a new healthcare regimen. Educated Lotus and the products sold by us are not a replacement for the knowledge and expertise of a licensed medical physician.