YONI STEAMS & Accessory Products

Every girl wants to feel beautiful. Let your beauty start with your most scared parts. Educated Lotus has handcrafted an organic Yoni Steam collection that will maintenance, tighten, tone & heal your Yoni. Let Educated Lotus Flower Powders and Original Flower Power blends put a new smile on your Sacred Lips. 

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Flower Power Organic Yoni Steam


Our original dry herb mix of handcrafted organic Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Mint, Mugwort, Rose Buds,...

Organic Yoni Steam Powder


Every girl wants to feel beautiful. Let your beauty start with your most scared parts....

6 Steam Yoni Starter Kit


Yoni Steaming Starter Kit. Choose from Sitz Bath or Stainless steel basin with 6 Yoni...

NeuYoni Menstrual Cup


The NeuYoni Large 100% Medical Grade Silicone menstrual cup from Educated Lotus holds 28 ml,...

Collapsible Sterilizing Cup 200 mL


Sterilize your menstrual cup anywhere with our large capacity 200 mL collapsible sterilizing cup. All you...

Dual Menstrual Cup Sterilizer


Powerful dual UV disinfection and steam sterilizer. Can also be used to sterilize other small intimate...

Deluxe Menstrual Cup Sterilize


Portable dual UV light and steam menstrual cup sterilizer. Can be used to clean kegel...

Sweet Spot Oil


A Heavenly mix of sweet almond, kiwi, avocado, hemp and aloe oils handcrafted for an...

NeuYoni Detox Pearls


NeuYoni Detox Pearls will detox your womb expelling debris, congestion, dead cells, stagnant menstrual blood,...

Uterine Rinse


Organic blend of arnica, red clover, raspberry leaf, lupulo, and sage handcrafted for an alternative...

NeuYoni Herbal Yoni Wash


Our herbal formula of Sophora Flavescens, Cork Tree, Safflower, Cnidium Fruit, Stemonae,  Menthol,  and Borneol...

NEUYONI Virgin Stick


The NeuYoni Virgin Stick by Educated Lotus is an herbal tightening & rejuvenatuion wand that...