Yoni Care

Take a holistic approach to Yoni Care with our handcrafted organic Uterine Rinse and Yoni Moisturizing Oil. Or browse the products featured for optimal feminine hygiene and health.

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NeuYoni Detox Pearls


NeuYoni Detox Pearls will detox your womb expelling debris, congestion, dead cells, stagnant menstrual blood,...

NEUYONI Virgin Stick


The NeuYoni Virgin Stick by Educated Lotus is an instantly tightening vaginal wand that is...

9.5in Stainless Steel Yoni Steaming Basin


9.5in Stainless Steel Yoni Steaming Basin

Silver 500W Mini Yoni Steam Heat Element


Silver Mini 500W adjustable heat Yoni Steam Heat Element

Solid Wood Yoni Steaming Stool


Sturdy Solid Wood Yoni Steaming Stool. Offered in 30cm/12inches or 40cm/15.5 inches high. This item...

NeuYoni Menstrual Cup


The NeuYoni Large 100% Medical Grade Silicone menstrual cup from Educated Lotus holds 28 ml,...

NeuYoni Herbal Yoni Wash


Our herbal formula of Sophora Flavescens, Cork Tree, Safflower, Cnidium Fruit, Stemonae,  Menthol,  and Borneol...

Yoni Steaming Bowl Medical Grade Plastic Over-The-Toilet Method


Yoni Steam Bowl Medical Grade Plastic Over-The-Toilet

Over-The-Toilet Yoni Steam Bath


Over-the-toilet Yoni Steam bath. 

Folding Silicone Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Cup


Sterilize your menstrual cup anywhere with hot water using the Furuize silicone folding menstrual cup...

Deluxe Menstrual Cup Sterilize


Portable dual UV light and steam menstrual cup sterilizer. Can be used to clean kegel...

Icare Dual Power Menstrual Cup Sterilizer


Icare dual menstrual cup UV disinfection and steam sterilizer. Can also be used to sterilize other...