Luxury Soaks & Ritual Baths

Get the ULTIMATE in LUXURY& RITUAL BATHING with our head to toe soaks and Ritual Baths handcrafted with organic blends flower petals, dead sea salts, clay, and herbs.

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Four Salt Luxury Soak


This is our Salt it All Out of luxury soaks combining the power of Pink...

Alaea & Clay


Handcrafted mix of Red Hawaiian Alaea Salt, bentonite clay, Epsom salt, baking soda, organic rosehip...

Sacred Goddess Bath


Worship your temple and usher in feminine energy.  Our organic handcrafted Sacred Goddess Ritual Bath...

Spiritual Bath


An organic handcrafted Ritual bath to cleanse your Aura (personal energy), unblock your Crown Chakra,...

Chakra Clearing Bath


Educated Lotus has a powerful 12 herb mix of organic herbs and theraputic essential oils...

Luxury Bath Set


Luxury Soak, Anytime Spray & Bath Oil

Ritual Bath Set


Sacred Goddess Bath, Spiritual Cleansing Bath & Chakra Clearing Blend. Includes 10 Ritual baths.

Rose Coconut Luxury Soak


Decadent Luxury Soak of 100% Pure Pink Rose Petal Powder,  100% Organic Food Grade Coconut...



Our Goddess Box is a spa in a box. It has everything you need for...