Painful Period…. A painful period or menstrual cycle is very common. BUT common does not mean that it should be accepted as part of life. Women having periods is common, but a painful periods DO NOT have to be common. And anyway…isn’t silent suffrage overrated and most importantly PLAYED OUT. Why is my period so […]


Building Self Love

Hi GODDESS,   Yep, I am talking to you. You are AWESOME…but DO YOU KNOW THAT???? Let’s discuss a key simple exercise to unlocking your BEAUTIFUL AWESOMENESS. However let me set the stage first. As a young woman and up until now as an adult woman I was always super upfront with myself about my […]


Yoni Steaming- What is the Big Deal

History of Yoni Steaming Yoni steaming is an herbal medicine treatment that stretches over millennia and is international and multicultural in nature. Yoni is a Sanskrit word used to express the female reproductive system which is the divine seat of procreative energy. Yoni Steaming as a practice has indigenous roots in African, Mayan, Greek, Native […]