Yep, I am talking to you. You are AWESOME…but DO YOU KNOW THAT???? Let’s discuss a key simple exercise to unlocking your BEAUTIFUL AWESOMENESS. However let me set the stage first. As a young woman and up until now as an adult woman I was always super upfront with myself about my perceived issues, weight or hair etc. I spent time trying to perfect these things leading to a ridiculous amount of time nurturing a lot of negative self talk. Now what is self talk? Self talk are the things that you say in the deep quiet moments, things you think about yourself, and the things you focus on when you look in the mirror. So I have always been brutally honest with myself about myself. And I knew every nook and cranny of my imperfection. I am sure you are an expert at your imperfections as well…


Fast forwarding to now, as a woman who just turned forty and a mother of a young daughter, I would hate for my daughter to spend her life picking herself apart instead of celebrating her beauty. I revel in being able to teach her positive self talk…but I had to learn it first.


One of the most important exercises is MIRROR WORK. How do you do Mirror Work?

Look in the mirror and find the things that you love about yourself.
Then spend time focusing on those things.
Say positive things to yourself about yourself. Yep… OUT LOUD because you need to hear it.
Thank yourself for all the love you gave yourself.

You should do Your Mirror Work for at least 5 minutes a day. You can stand still at and look directly in the mirror, but if you are a busy mother like myself who works full time, has a young child and decided to start your own business you can easily multitask this NECESSARY exercise. I love to do mine after my shower while I oil my body with Educated Lotus Anytime Spray or Luxury Bath Oil. That way, I can lovingly look at my beautiful body in its entirety and do my Mirror Work. In addition to this, I like to give myself positive affirmation while taking my Educated Lotus Luxury Soaks or while doing my Ritual Baths. My favorite self love exercise is doing my Educated Lotus Sacred Goddess Bath. I cannot say enough that you should always set the mood for yourself with small things like Herbs (like rose petals, lavender, cinnamon from your local herb store that are organic), Feminine Energy Binaural Beats (there is a link attached but you can find them for free on YouTube), Gems (can be ordered off Amazon like Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli…), and Candles (white, pink, purple). I do like the Crystal Journey Candles because they give the beginner guidance and have saying to help guide your intention. I want your to know that water is a conductor of intention and can be used as a powerful way to deliver positive energy to replenish yourself. Use positive self talk during your time in water and amplify your positive self talk results.


It is important to understand that the work you do on the inside will shine brighter and attract positive like energy.People will sense it and be attracted to you. And it more effective than clothes, hair or lashes. Do the work of sowing seeds of beauty and they will bloom beautifully.

YOU ARE A GODDESS…”Create Your Beauty From Within”.

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