Pink Tax & How to Lower the Cost

What is Pink Tax?

Pink Tax is a cute name for the cost of your monthly menstrual cycle. Pink tax is also the accumulated cost over your lifetime. News sources like Huffington Post,, and estimate the average age span for your menstrual cycle is 13 - 51 years of age equaling 38 years total. However realistically girls tend to start their cycles as early as 11 and not go into Menopause until their mid-50s. Ladies that is a long-term relationship with Pink and A LOT OF TAX...

What goes into Pink Tax?

Pink Tax includes the sanitary napkins, tampons, new underwear, chocolate and other food cravings, sheets, over the counter pain relief methods (medicine, heating pads), skin care regimens (breakouts due hormonal imbalance, feminine probiotics & vitamins, feminine grooming, creams and inserts for yeast or bacterial imbalance, doctors visit copay, surgical copay for complications and birth control. I am pretty sure I got most things but still not all things. I wish that I could include your bra, but technically it is not Pink Tax. I hope that you understand how pervasive and costly this tax is, but it is estimated at roughly $18,000 with just the basics over your lifetime. Not taking into account that most of us are brand loyal and like to use more than one type of absorbency napkin or tampon throughout our cycle. I used to have a variety before I started using my cup. In addition to the fact that my cravings are monstrous from about 1 week prior to my cycle and can extend through the week of... for me that lifetime budget of $18,000 will be spent on just Cheesecake Factory and Nachos. Then we can add an addition $18,000 for my Pink Tax.

Let us keep in mind that the medications that we take for our hormonal fluctuations and discomfort can range from 800 mg Ibuprofen to Ativan so that some of us don’t go postal on our family and co-workers. Not to mention the important factor of time stolen away from our lives as most of us assume the position of a ball for more than half of the time we are menstruating. Sick time from work and precious social time away from our friends and family because we are chained to a bed. No price can be put on that!!!

How to Lower Your Tax?

Several ways to lower your tax include the type of products that you use and the baseline diet that you consume. Because I have spent my whole life around people in the medical field and I have  been a Licensed Nurse for over 20 years I understand that diet is one of the hardest lifestyle changes to make. However, the products that you use can play a key role in lowering your Pink Tax. 

Switching to natural based products like cotton or bamboo liners, pads and tampon can make a considerable difference in the pain, flow and hormonal imbalances we experience during a cycle. If you need a radical change for the better, change to a menstrual cup or another inserted blood collection device. Although there is a small window to build a relationship for this method, most women will not go back. Not to mention the fact that the sustainability of a menstrual cup is between 4 - 10 years. It is very cost effective and they come in a variety of colors and several sizes.I have personally cut down my leaks so maybe once a year. I want you to know that time and time again I have experienced women expressing shorter, more comfortable cycles when they remove the chemically treated feminine products from their regimen. Now if you would like to breeze through your cycle, you can add Yoni Steaming to decongest and detox your womb to your monthly regimen. Yoni Steams also therapeutically assist with everything from mood swings, excessive discharge, yeast, odor and long or heavy cycles. Switching to more Holistic feminine care products and therapies can greatly decrease your pain, discomfort, bacterial imbalance, yeast imbalance, odor and other treatment that cause monthly expenses. Not to mention make you feel fresh and clean.

Being a woman does add up. There are many things we do instinctively each month centered around our Feminine Health, so it is important to take advantage of any resources we can to make this time more pleasant.