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Educated Lotus,  LLC is a Small Batch Handmade Boutique. We take considerable pride in the formulations, ingredients, packaging and performance of our products. Educated Lotus handcrafts products that provide tools to give yourself the SELFCARE that will build a Strong Foundation of SELFLOVE. Educated  Lotus makes products to make you feel like the GODDESS YOU ARE. Here is a peek at our favorite ingredients and why we feel so passionately about using them in our products.



Educated Lotus uses Pink Rose Petals because they are as equally graceful as they are timeless. Pink Rose Petals hold numerous benefits in their soft beautiful bloom. Although there are over 100 species of Roses; the Rosa Centifolia is regarded for its fragrant scent. This beautiful species grows predominantly in beautiful pink hues and clearly communicates a vividly clear and sweet rose scent.

Roses have long been regarded as a gift that symbolizes love and adoration. Roses are steadfast in aesthetic beauty and aphrodisiac aroma.

The Rosa Centifolia has equally powerful medicinal uses within their aesthetic grace. Rose petals can be used in skin care for many prized benefits including its gentle exfoliation properties that leave the skin soft and bright.  Rose Centifolia works as a gentle astringent neutralizing and cooling dry irritated skin. It also assists with excessive moisture, oil and sweating. 

Educated Lotus uses Rosa Centifolia in Yoni Steams, Ritual Baths and Luxury Face Masks for the blood purifying and anti-inflammatory properties they hold.  Rosa Centifolia Petals uplift, increase feminine energy, enhances intuition and facilitate love vibrations. These Radiant Petals are used in our products because they bring an energy of compassion, gratitude and appreciation. 

Educated Lotus uses Organic Food Grade Pink Rosa Centifolia Petals because our products are made with therapeutic and medicinal intention. We take great pride in this ingredient to increase feminine energy, raise your vibration and assist you in communing with your “Inner Goddess.”



Educated Lotus uses Lavender as a medicinal and Spiritual Staple. Lavender has over 47 species and the use of Lavender is well documented as a staple herb and essence used in Ancient Egyptian Culture. Lavender was then used as a staple by Greek and Roman civilizations. Lavender currently continues to be used in everything from laundry detergent, candles, body washes, lotions and oils. The fragrance of Lavender is a pleasing aroma on its own but it pairs well with numerous other fragrances and essential oils.

Lavender is used in aromatherapy to  assist with pain, anxiety and stress by bringing energy balance and to facilitate feelings of overall well-being. Lavender is used to clear negative energy, can be used as a hypnotic and this beautiful herb promotes relaxation. Lavender can treat restlessness and assist with insomnia. 

Educated Lotus uses Organic Food Grade Lavender for Yoni Steams to promote menstruation and to ease menstruation pain. The medicinal qualities of Lavender include antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties with a cooling effect to the skin.  Lavender is used in Educated Lotus Baths to promote relaxation and to cleanse negative energy. 

Raspberry Leaf

RUBUS IDAEUS- Red Raspberry Leaf

Rubus Idaeus is a nurturing plant that gives unconditionally. Red Raspberry Leaf has been timelessly used for fertility support, support during pregnancy and for blood disorders. Historically it has been used as a therapeutic tea for 2 Centuries to preventing miscarriage, for labor discomfort and morning sickness. Rubus Idaeus strongly supports anemia and vitamin deficiency because it is packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, many number of minerals (potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus)  and most importantly it is iron rich. Rubus Idaeus has a strong antioxidant effects and helps relax blood vessels.  

Rubus Idaeus is used in our Yoni Steams to assist with  Menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), Preventing miscarriage, skin irritation, to strengthen the kidneys, to treat incontenence, as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and womb decongestant.  It is recommended for PMS symptoms due to it’s hormone regulation properties and also fights cancer.  Additionally Rubus Idaeus assists with heavy menstrual bleeding, vaginal discharge and strengthens by tightening the muscles of the uterus, abdomen and mucous membranes within the female reproductive system.  Because this leaf is as powerful as it is beneficial it is a favorite ingredient used in our products.  


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Medical Disclaimer

Educated Lotus believes in the healing of your body naturally with Mother Nature’s Medicine. Natural treatments have proven to be more effective with less side effects; that is why we provide them lovingly. You are a Goddess and deserve the best we have to offer so you can “Create Your Beauty From Within”. We want you to know that Herbal Supplements are not FDA approved. All of our products are considered over the counter self treatment therapies. The use of our products is an agreement that you have read the instructions and will use the products as directed. Please keep in mind that all products affect each individual differently. Always check for allergy to all ingredients before use. Always do a small test spot to ensure there is not unknown allergies to our ingredients. If you feel any discomfort, skin irritation or develop a rash while using our products please discontinue use and consult a Medical Provider. Always consult your Medical Provider prior to starting a new healthcare regimen. Educated Lotus and the products sold by us are not a replacement for the knowledge and expertise of a licensed medical physician.

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